The company provides assessment of compliance of the design documentation with the essential...
For the purpose of ensuring a lawful construction process the company draws up all...
To complete the circle of services the company offers additional support to customers...


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To complete the circle of services the company offers additional support to customers during the process of preparation for construction permission, as well as during construction and preparation for commissioning. Acting as a legally authorized agent, Adita Consult Ltd undertakes to apply for and gather all necessary papers by representing the owner in front of local authorities, state institutions and infrastructure network companies.


The scope of our service:


  • obtaining a design visa from local municipal authorities;
  • coordination and verification of the design visa with the infrastructure network companies: water & sewage, power supply, telecommunications, gas supply, etc.;
  • obtaining preliminary and final contracts for joining the infrastructure networks;
  • coordination and verification of designs and blueprints with state control authorities - Regional Health Inspection, Fire Safety Department, etc.;
  • obtaining final statements for commissioning of construction from state control authorities;
  • arranging for the necessary testing and measurement reports and certificates from licensed subcontractors - geodetic, electrotechnic and surveying companies;
  • entering the construction data into the local cadastre register;
  • submission and registration of the technical passport at the local municipal administration, etc.